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Mozayix information security experts support a diverse set of clients in high cyber-threat environments throughout the Middle East and Africa.  Our team can help your local operations or project offices with network security, information classification, data encryption, data destruction and responsible social networking in ways that definitely protect your vital your data and information.  From strategy and policy development through implementation and operations Mozayix has the experience and expertise to help you protect your business and your employees from being compromised while working in environments with elevated cyber threat levels.  Contact a Mozayix representative today to discuss how our information security services can protect your data.

95% Of All Companies Will Have Their Information Security Compromised.

What are you going to do?

In spite of the best efforts of the cyber security industry to protect information contained in computer networks and billions of dollars invested in protection, the trend of corporate and personal information compromise only increases.   The result is billions of dollars in damage, tainted corporate reputations and even increased physical risk for employees.

Don't Wait To Be Compromised.
Conduct an INFOSEC Risk Assessment Now.

Understanding what your INFOSEC risks are is the first step in taking effective action.  Get started with a Mozayix INFOSEC Risk Assessment (ISRA) now.  Our comprehensive diagnostic assessment identifies, prioritizes and makes recommendations for steps you can take to reduce your exposure.  The Mozayix ISRA is efficient and low-cost.

 INFOSEC Consulting

INFOSEC Consulting Services from Mozayix enable you to effectively manage information security risks.  From strategy and policy development to operations and infrastructure our experts are ready to work with you.

Cyber Threat and INFOSEC Risk Assessments
INFOSEC Strategy and Policy Development
Secure Network Architecture Design
Secure Cloud Data Storage

 INFOSEC Training

INFOSEC Training from Mozayix provides your staff with the knowledge and the skills they need to identify, prevent and respond to INFOSEC risks. Our  instructors possess real-world experience and tailor each training event to the specific INFOSEC threats your company faces.

Using Social Media with Security In Mind
Data Encryption for Everyday Operations
Easy and Effective Information Classification
INFOSEC Threat Detection In Challenging Environments

Physical Media Destruction

Mozayix provides physical media destruction services for your local operations throughout the Middle East and Africa.  All physical media destruction is documented and certified.  In many locations our trained staff can provide secure, onsite destruction.

Document Shredding
Hard Drive Destruction
Compliance Evaluation

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